Each contestant by signing up for the race confirms that he/she is aware of and will comply with the following rules:

Rules and general information

  • Each participant is aware of the risks of personal injury involved in the participation of the race.
  • Each participant declares that he/she is participating voluntarily.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the program.
  • The race is open only to properly registered runners.
  • Participation in the race is at your own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any personal injury, property damage or other harm or damage arising in connection with participating in the race or even watching the race.
  • Runners themselves are solely responsible for their decisions in terms of physical readiness and ability to complete at the given distance.
  • Each participant is required to be covered by health insurance for the duration of the race for any treatment or emergency hospitalization.
  • None of the organizers’ decisions are subject to judicial investigation.

Registration Rules

  • The organizer has the right to close registration without prior notice.
  • Registration is considered valid only after payment, either the amount on the day of payment is paid in full to the account of the organizer, or the amount is paid in full in cash on the day of the race when registering at the specified time according to the regulations of the race.
  • The registration fee confirmed by the participant at registration is final and irreversible.
  • On-line registration forms unpaid within 7 business days of their creation or by April 17, 2018 will be automatically canceled. Registration, at an increased fee, is also possible on the day of the race at the time specified by the regulations.

Rules of the Race

  • Every participant must follow the instructions of the organizers, volunteers and referees.
  • Before the day of the race, each participant is required to read and respect the important information and instructions published on the race organizer’s website.
  • Throughout the entire race, competitors are strictly prohibited from using in-line skates, bicycles or other means of transportation as well as taking any shortcuts off the standard course.
  • Competitors may not receive refreshments during the race from anyone one else other than the organizers at the designated locations.
  • A violation of any of the rules will lead to disqualification from the competition without a claim to any reimbursement.

Timekeeping and results

  • It is forbidden to tamper with the starting number or chip. Both the starting number and chip are nontransferable.
  • The starting number must be clearly displayed on the runner’s chest throughout the race. It is forbidden for it to be covered up in any way.
  • Each participant is obliged to return the chip at the finish area immediately upon finishing the race.