Dear runners,

we are very happy that you have signed up for the Nymburk Half Marathon or Ten. Like us, you certainly looked forward to the end of April when you start under the walls on a beautiful track along the Elbe trails. Unfortunately, there was a situation that nobody expected in February and we have had to solve a difficult question in recent days, which we did not have to solve during the eight-year history of the race. We were considering moving the plant in the fall, but as some of you may know, a new barrier-free footbridge over the Nymburk power plant is already under construction. This construction is very demanding and it is not possible to determine exactly when the final building approval will be completed. This makes it difficult for us to determine the autumn date and we would not like to postpone the race again. In these circumstances, we decided to move the race to the traditional last weekend of April, ie on Sunday, April 25, 2021. This decision was not easy. There is a lot of energy and money in the plant, so your support is very important to us. We would like to automatically transfer your starting fee to the year 2021, where you already have a certain place in the starting list.

We will be pleased if you keep a pre-paid entry fee for 2021. In case you know that you will not be able to participate, you donate your entry fee to one of your friends. Just remember to let us know.

Moving the plant to 2021 has several advantages:

  • You have a year more time not training
  • The entry fee will not change for you
  • The plant will have 55 steps less (a new barrier-free footbridge over the Nymburk power plant will be built)
  • You will have a certain start with limited race capacity
  • You will support the Nymburk Half Marathon

We are looking forward to you and we will be happy if you keep our favor.

Nymburk Half Marathon Team

We invite all fans of the run to the eighth year of the Nymburk Half Marathon and Thursdays on April 25th, 2021 under the walls of Nymburk.



Nymburk – a small town along the Elbe river ideal for recreational sports. Whether you want to train for the Prague marathon or just celebrate the enjoyment of running, you should come out to Nymburk on the fourth Sunday of April to see just how good of a runner you really are.

21.1 kilometers of running through the town center, through the town park, along the Elbe bicycle path and over two bridges!

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Those who don’t feel like running a half marathon or who started their training too late, but would still like to test their endurance, can sign up for the Nymburk quarter marathon.

10 kilometers of running through the town center, along the Elbe bicycle path, through the town park and over two bridges!

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