Date: Sunday, April 23, 2023

Year: nineth

Track Length: 21.1 km

Elevation: no significant ascents/descents (except for the stairs to the bridges)

Surface: paved 95%, unpaved (trails or cobblestones) 5%

Route: will mostly go along the Elbe cycling paths or through the town park. Competitors must run over two bridges leading across the Elbe: the bridge in Chvalovice on the Nymburk bypass (requires going up and down 60 stairs) and the bridge crossing over the lock at the Nymburk hydroelectric plant (requires going up and down 30 stairs)

Nymburk half marathon course map

Mapa závodu

The course with a length of 10 km, consisting of two laps.

Mapa závodu

At the end of the 10th km, runners will conclude the first lap as they run through the starting gateway. They will receive a split time and then they will run around the main grounds and embark on the final lap.

Mapa závodu

On the final lap at the end of the 15th km: Competitors will come running down the stairs of the bypass bridge and will be directed further up the river towards Poděbrady – Polabec. After about 450 meters (and after having crossed a small bridge), runners will turn around and head back, carrying on with the standard course, which will take runners past the refreshment stands in Chvalovice and then past Kovanice.


Men – M1 (juniors) to 18 years (2001 and later), M2 (seniors) 18-39 years (2000-1979), M3 (masters) 40 – 59 years (1978-1959), M4 (veterans) 60 and more (up to 1958)

Women – Z1 (juniors) to 18 years (2001 and later), Z2 (seniors), 18-34 years (2000-1984), Z3 (masters) 35-49 years (1983-1969), Z4 (veterans) 50 and more (up to 1968)

Teams – the top three teams will be announced, using their calculated average time. The teams must consist of at least three competitors. Women will have the advantage of having their times multiplied by a factor of 0.8.

Refreshments: at the start/finish lines, and every 5 km (water, isotonic drinks, fruit, chocolate). At the finish line you will be rewarded in the form of a hearty lunch.

Prizes: nice giveaways (e.g. a liquid reward from the Nymburk brewery)

Registration: online at www.nymburskypulmaraton.cz/registrace.html or on-site the day of the race (the entry fee will be higher for those who register on-site the day of the race)

Entry fee: 600 CZK, 750 CZK by 23. 1. 2023.

The entry fee payment must be sent to the following Fio bank a. s. account number: 2900918406/2010 (IBAN: CZ1420100000002900918406, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX). As a variable symbol, use your registration number, which is displayed on the sign-up sheet or in your confirmation email. You can pay by wire transfer from your account, or at some Fio bank branches, you can pay in cash at the cashier’s desk. The payment must appear as an item on our daily bank statement at least five days before the race, so please take this into consideration as delays associated with payment operations can occur!

Presentation: on Sunday, April 23, 2023 from 8:00 at the starting site, the end of the presentation at 9:30

Start: Nymburk – “Na Přístavě” street (the harbor) – below the fortification walls at 10:00

Finish: Nymburk – “Na Přístavě” street (the harbor) – below the fortification the walls, the time limit for receiving an official time is 3 hours, i.e. 1:00pm. The finish times are recorded by smart cards.

Announcement of the results: the finish site around 1:00pm

Safety instructions: Competitors participate at their own risk. They are obliged to abide by the rules of the race, the organizer´s instructions and general legislation. We recommend getting a medical examination beforehand and accident insurance for the day of the race.

Information: website www.nymburskypulmaraton.cz race, e-mail: info@nymburskypulmaraton.cz